Friday, 16 October 2015


A few more photos from my walk around the yard a week ago!
One of the Frangipani cutting Naomi brought back to me from her move to Casino - thought I had lost them all but they are finally sprouting leaves

One of my favourite garden plants - Geraniums

the one on the right is a banksia rose which my husband doesn't want there and he keeps on rounding up but it just keeps on keeping on (much to my delight!!)

and some more - there is always green and a flower or two when you have Geraniums - and they are drought hardy - BONUS!!!

Lic bushes flowering for the second year - these have battled a bit but are finally taking off

some mulching - the story of my life lately - everywhere I look there are weeds so the mulch is going down really thick!!

Bottle brush and Gazanias - always hardy - gazanias being transplanted around the whole yard (along with pig faces going in - great ground covers)

more natives!! Lol - a wanted one and an unwanted one - although we can really grow the mustard weed on the bottom really well here - down the driveway it is nearly 6ft tall in places!!
I have also been secret sewing which I cannot show you, and having another tidy up and throw out in the house which is boring!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. So pretty. I love geraniums and pelagoniums. There are so many varieties. I have a new garden bed which I plan to fill with an assortment of geraniums .

  2. Lots of beautiful flowers in your garden Kerri.. I have tried several times to strick a frangipani and have never had any nice that Naomi's has grown. Nice memory. XX

  3. Your garden is looking a treat, Kerrie. I love Frangipanis but alas they would turn up their toes down here. Aaah never ends, does it.

  4. Everything is beautiful! Things are dying off here :( We had a light frost last night so it won't be long before it's all gone . I need to bring in my miniature rose and a couple of other plants that just won't winter over.

  5. Lovely pics. I wish my garden
    looked like that!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Beautiful beautiful garden photos! I must plant some geraniums! xoxoxo Jen


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