Tuesday, 15 September 2015


I was away for 3 days - and what a difference that 3 days of warm spring weather made to the garden!! Well what has survived through months of neglect that is.
First iris blooming

More blooms on the Stock

Wisteria getting ready to burst into flower and my Lilacs are budding up nicely!
A gift for us all from Annie's HOME PATCH  and we also had the pleasure of the beautiful Annie's company over the 3 days!!

My two surprises from the lucky ticket 'Foils' - A beautiful diary and a sweet pattern!!
And now for my purchases - first up the results from my HOME PATCH VISIT

Felt and wool patterns - Christmas bauble and wool sewing accessories

pincushions - as if I need anymore of those!! Just cannot help myself!!
A sweet purse and bag pattern (I double dipped here - Annie was coming to spend the afternoon with us so we rang through a few orders for her to bring out to us!!) and some hand dyed will!!

And my collection of wool felt pieces grew dramatically - I think there are about 30 pieces in this picture that I bought on the weekend!! All set to use some of the many patterns I have had sitting here for a few years!!
And from the lovely Sonia at FOREVER ALWAYS ONLINE this beautiful selection of Riley Blake fabrics - very 'Spring'!!
And here is my surprise from the Make, Bake, Fake Swap- from my new friend 'Dale'.
An 'ADULT' colouring book, pencils and a pencil case!! Thank you so much Dale for your gift!

I am not a colouring in person more of a doodler BUT my grand daughter Karah (who is 11 - nearly adult in years but certainly adult in maturity!)   thinks she is pretty special at the moment because she has a new colouring book and bonus for me there are some lovely designs I have traced out to use for applique!!! And the pencil case is MINE of course!!
Sooooo..... that is it for the second instalment of my Bathurst Blog Meet wrap up!!!
I will be back with more in a couple of days!!


  1. Lots of yummy purchases have fun 💖💖

  2. Oh you did have fun in Anni's shop ... I found when I went there ( just a week before you) it was sew hard to chose what I wanted.....

  3. Hi Kerrir ,wow love this post. Lots of lovely purchases and swap goodies,what an amazing time you had xx

  4. OH MY!!!!! Such a wonderful selection of beautiful fabrics ans patterns. It makes me want to get out my underused sewing supplies and get to work.. but I don't have so many beautiful things to work with anymore. After years of not sewing much I have been feeling the urge to start again this summer. :)

  5. Looks like you had a fabulous time at the sewing gathering and it sounds like soooo much fun!!! I just love the wool patterns you got and I could have some fun with all those great colours of wool and fabric that came home with you!!! Very lucky to be part of such a great adventure!

  6. definitely some lovely purchases there from the Home flowers on my irises tempted to make that pincushion too..............

  7. Love the wool and fabric that you have gathered. Looks like you had a terrific time away and brought home lots of ideas for future projects xxx

  8. Such a fantastic weekend and lots of beautiful shopping. So sorry I couldn't get there this year - maybe next year.


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