Sunday, 16 August 2015


 The flu has finally took hold of me yesterday after several weeks of off and on. Aching in every joint in my body, shivers and sweats. So nothing much has been going on here for a while, so I took myself outside for a walk in the beautiful, warm 16deg sun this afternoon and found a little bit of colour!!

Marguerite Daisy and African daisy - always a bit of cheery colour in the garden!
Cherry tree in flower - and bees busy at work - yes we do have some bees here!!

Emu bush that I was sure was dying earlier this year has had a lease of life!! And good old succulents - they can always be counted on for a bit of colour!!

One lonely rose flowering - I did save the bud when I was pruning all the roses a week ago!! And faithful geraniums - always flowering somewhere in the yard!

Spring fever hit this girl this afternoon - got herself up there and then couldn't get down!! A lesson in the world of hard knock café - 'you got yourself up there, now get yourself down!!' I believe pa-pa came to the rescue - although there were fear tears when she had to make the final leap!!

Mandarins and lemons and


fluffy wattle - only another week of these beautiful blooms and they will start to shrivel up - glorious while it is full glow though!
Bagging up buttons for a new little venture a couple of friends and I are starting at the end of the year - no concentration needed for this job and can sit down!!!
That's about it for me and my exciting life at the moment - time to go and take another lot of drugs - the aches and coughing are returning!!
Hope you all have a great week!!!


  1. Oh dear, you poor love. Many angel huggles to you in the hope of a speedy recovery. Beautiful blooms. I am a geranium girl, love them. Keep warm, rest, drink lots of purified water and get well soon.

  2. get rid of that need to go away in a few funny with a little girl stuck up a

  3. Oh Kerrie, that a bugger about being sick... I hope it doesn't get too bad or hang around too long.
    I've been crook for two weeks now & I think my ears are going to explode ... bah!!

  4. The new venture with the buttons looks interesting.. keep us posted on what it is please!

  5. Hi Kerrie love the flowers ,flowers always make me smile,oh poor girl,she learnt the hard way,lol hmm your new venture sounds exciting xx

  6. You have such interesting flowers there Kerrie :) Love the last - fluffy wattle - both the name and the flower! Well now that the girl has been up the tree and knows she can make it back to earth, I'm sure she'll be up there again soon. I do hope you're feeling a whole lot better very soon. Take care and enjoy your rest. I just noticed our temperatures are the same right now. I'm sitting out on the patio at 16'C as well as we are at the end of summer and things cooling off again.


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