Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Sunday Find...

On Thursday last week Karah went back up to Bredbo with our eldest son, Adam, and grandson Lachlan. They had come down to pick up some hay orders for Canberra and to get their horse crate for the back of the crate. While they were here they also loaded up 2 of Adam's remaining 3 horses (the 3rd got to stay behind because after 2 hours of trying to get it loaded it was still looking at the truck from the outside at ground level!!)  They were going home to load up their living gear and competition horses and heading back to Coolamon (about one and a half hours from here) to compete in a weekend of horse events. So we had to go over to Coolamon on Sunday to bring Karah home and to see Lachlan and Abbey compete. WELL.... we spotted a 2nd hand / junk shop at Ganmain (where Greg's family hails from) on the way over so of course we had to stop in on the way back.
The front window - just a sample of what is inside.

You need hours to dig through everything.

From the floor to the ceiling. The only way I could find Karah and she could find me was by calling out to each other.

It was sideways down every walkway and sometimes climbing over things.

lots of doubling back and finding another track to get to where you want to go!

probably more of a junk shop but I could fill in half a day or more in here!! Soooo..... here are photos of what I purchased - what I am going to do with them I have no idea but I will think of something!!
This I think might make a project case with a few additions - thread pockets, needle pocket, scissors etc - a bit more thinking to be done on this one.
And this one - I will probably clean up and keep for my own use also - just as it is a writing compendium!! Might have to do a little personalising to it though!!
Cheryl from over at Gone Stitchin' is once again organising her popular Santa sack Swap
- if you think you would like to be a part of this great swap pop on over to the dedicated blog HERE and leave a comment. Cheryl has extended the close off until the June 11th. You have plenty of time to make the gifts - from July to November - and it is a lot of fun to make but a lot more fun unwrapping your gifts made just for you!!


  1. Good to see you made it out of the shop without all being lost.

  2. Oh my what a shop. Love your purchases. Hugs, xx

  3. "LOVE" the tapestry covered bag!... would love to look thru that shop..looks so clean & sort of organised. There is a place a bit like that in Morpeth, however it is filthy and getting worse each time I went, so much so, I have stopped going.

  4. Hi Kerrie wow that shop looks amazing and i am impressed with your buys,well done and yes i love Chezs santa swap too,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  5. OMGoodness what a shop..... What is it the say " one mans junk is another's treasure" guess you found a few treasures...

  6. These kind of junk shops are so much fun to poke around! Nice looking cases you picked up.

  7. Ehat great treasures.

    Not doing Santa sack swap this year!

  8. What a great find! Hugs from Dublin.

  9. What a challenge to find anything in a shop like that. We found one similar last weekend and Mick found 2 dressmaking rulers, but boy, do you have to have a keen eye. Have fun with your bags.

  10. looks like you did well riding out some treasures. have fun with your modifications. i always enjoy a good junk shop.


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