Monday, 22 December 2014


Soooooo SPOILT again!!! This time from the lovely PEG who was my Swap sender/partner in the 'Let's Stitch Together' Swap online group hosted by Marie (this is the groups last swap as the group is closing).
I remember commenting on Peg's blog post about this sewing machine cover - never thinking it would be coming my way!!! It is very comfortable in it's new home and doing it's job very well!!

3 delightful Christmas ornaments - now to find a place for them!!
And look at that stack of fabric!!! Beautiful coordinating prints and colours - the thinking cap is on - what can I make for myself from these!!!

Something yummy to eat - and I love soft jelly lollies!!!
A cute little snowman hanger/table topper and one of Peg's trademark covered journal/diaries (mine is 2015 diary - and I usually have three diaries in operation!!!)

A beautiful angel wall hanging; a sweet little pincushion with scissors in their own holder; some embroidery thread and a beautiful pattern.

And the wall hanging from the Gail Pan '..........................' book - all members of the group had to choose one of two designs and make a wall hanging for their partner. This is such a sweet design. 
I told you I was spoilt didn't I!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU dear Peg - I love them all.  I have been a little naughty and have opened all of the gifts - Karah wanted to see what I had received - she was very impressed!!
There was also a cup filled with coffee sachets (no photo because I forgot to take one!!) - it has been used several times and a couple of the sachets have already been used because I forgot to buy coffee yesterday!!
Rheis and I drove Karah to Coonabarabran on Saturday. We left here on Saturday morning at 4.45am and arrived back home at 7.15pm. A long day but it wasn't too bad - I didn't have to drive at all - Rheis did all of that - I can remember (because I do have some brain cells still working in my old age!!) being able to drive all day when my children were little; but those times have long gone - I get tired very quickly now. We stopped twice going up and twice coming back - bought ourselves something to eat and a drink and went and sat in a park for 20 mins - that broke the trip for us and made the travelling a bit easier.
I am thinking that the next trip will be over a few days and I will stop off and catch up with some of my bloggy friends on the way!! A little bit of socialising will make the trip much easier I am sure!!
That's it from me - have a great week everybody!!


  1. sew nice to see Peg spoilt you.enjoy all those beautiful gifts..great you didn't have to do the long drive..

  2. glad your home from the trip plans changed and I didn't get there...................I always like bloggy visitors.............

  3. That was a big day and drive......Glad you liked my bits and pieces....I did have fun putting it all together for you.....Merry Christmas xxxxx

  4. Peg has sent you some gorgeous gifts, Kerrie. Enjoy them all!

  5. Hi Kerrie what beautiful gifts you have received from Peg,love them all,boy that's a big trip and a big day driving,enjoy all your goodies from Peg and Merry Xmas my friend to you and your family.xx

  6. Lovely gifts from the lovely Peg. You will certainly enjoy them all . Glad your trip is over for now, it was a big one. Rest, relax and smell the lavender now.

  7. Beautiful gifts from Peg. Hugs, xx

  8. What lovely gifts, Kerrie - Peg is always a wonderful swap partner.I don't envy your long drive -my DH likes to get trips such as a drive to his old home town, Forbes, done in one hit, allowing for short stops for sandwiches or the loo. Hate that, so tiring. Your plan for the next long drive would be much more enjoyable. Merry Christmas, Kerrie. I hope 2015 is a happy year for you all.

  9. So many gorgeous presents - lots of fun opening them at once.


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