Friday, 24 October 2014

A Quick Check In

Oh dear! Nearly a month since my last post. No excuses, life just takes over sometimes. I HAVE been sewing and being creative but it is nearly all SECRET STUFF!! I did manage to finish these tho.....
3 Skinny Pinnies with a mat to fit under the sewing machine. 3 for the present box and with Christmas coming up I am going to need them!!!
Spring has certainly made itself know here over the last month. 36deg one day then back to 24 the next. We have had a little bit of rain but as usual not nearly enough. We have even had the aircon going and then the next evening I was lighting the fire!! Any wonder we are a family of colds, sneezing, runny noses and eyes. Pollens flying around everywhere!!
Nothing much to tell this time. Next post will have more.
have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Hi Mel beautiful goodies for your gift box and boy hope I come home to this good weather.xx

  2. These sound interesting and love the fabrics.
    Does the roll part sit along the front of the machine?

  3. Lovely gifts for you sure are having strange weather..
    Take care and have a great weekend

  4. Hello Kerrie! I've been catching up with everyone since having a bloggy break. I've now read back through some of your previous posts to see what you've been up to. Love all the hidden stash of UFOs ;) I don't normally go for kits, but I do have one such kit, which if I recall is a hooked rug. Funny how we have the best of intentions for doing up these amazing projects, but they often fall by the wayside. I love all your makes, and your sewing swap looks like it was great fun. Our weather is turning cool now going into autumn (Canada), and the trees have all turned and leaves on the ground again. Have a wonderful weekend! Wendy x

  5. Hello Kerrie,

    The skinnie pinnies will certainly brighten up the sewing room, a great gift idea. Have a lovely weekend.


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