Saturday, 27 September 2014


Well the last 2 weeks have just disappeared on me - if anyone sees them floating by please send them back!!! The first weekend of the school holidays we took Karah to meet her dad at Coonabarabran. Seven hours up, travelled back to Dubbo, stayed the night and then drove home the next day. I had big plans for the first week of the school holidays but I think events of the last 6 months and the trip paired up and I have been flat all week.
I did start sorting through the piles of boxes and containers that are supposed to fit into my sewing/craft room - fat chance of that!!! And it all came to a halt when I came across the UFO and Kit Boxes!!! Oh dear oh me. I think I am a lost cause. Luckily these things don't go off over time!!!
In no particular order of age!! Candlewick Quilt all drawn up and waiting to be done for approx. 5yrs.

Harvest Spice Quilt - a BOM that I started about 10 years ago and spat the dummy with when block 3 didn't go as planned. YAY!!!! I just spent 3 days making the remaining 6 pieced blocks. By the end of next week I WILL have the top together!!!

I love this quilt. And I have been doing it for about 10 years also (maybe a bit longer).

Oh!!! How sad am I as a patchworker?? I started this about 15 years ago for my 4th child (3rd son). Rheis maybe lucky enough to get it next year!!!

The saddest one of all!!! In May 1992 I did a Wedding Ring Workshop!!! I was 5 months pregnant with Isaac (my baby who just turned 22!!). Yesterday I finished joining the arcs that have been waiting for soooooo long!!! I have a total of 330 arcs made (4 per ring is about 82 rings. It was originally going to be a queen size, floor to floor. It will now be whatever these 330 arcs make up!!!! I was going to have cream centres and corners but I am not really happy with that idea now. I also have no idea what colour to put with these arcs. Does anyone remember using any of these fabrics?
The Tea Party Quilt I bought as a BOM about 6 years ago and haven't started yet. And I have no Idea what I was making with the applique on the left!!! As I said, I am a lost cause.

The top photo - these have all been cut out and a little bit done on each one!!! The bottom photo I have read all the instructions but am yet to make a start!!! OMG - I am such a lost cause. Well guess what my new motto is for the next 12 months!! NO MORE KITS OR PATTERNS OR FABRIC TO BE BOUGHT. FINISH WHAT I HAVE GOT SITTING ON THE SHELVES LOOKING AT ME DAY IN DAY OUT!!!!
That's all from me tonight. I am off to do some stitching on one of the above. Have a great weekend everyone!!



  1. Oh not not a lost cause at all. Your post is just like my boxes of UFOs and kits . At least you are slowly working through them. Keep it going...

  2. Hmmm... that reminds me of some projects I have here and there. I don't even have them in a box. Maybe I think they will be finished by themselves when I don't see them? Some are not finished, and some kits are not even opened yet. I think we all have some of those!! Good luck with your UFO's :)

  3. You and I are twins I am sure....I am the same.....all your UFO's are al are not a lost cause, if you are we all must be....your post has made me feel so good....LOL....I agree with Maria at lease you are working on

  4. We are all the same Kerrie. I bet everyone of us has lots of projects waiting to be started, have been started and some even nearly finished but still waiting for a long time! You can't rush these things!

  5. I must admit I've got Harvest Spice sitting in the cupboard as well. I think I got to the 3rd block as well Maybe I'll pull it out & make progress like you have. I notice you've got Betty in your pile as well, I have made her. Yay one done. Your pile looks similar to mine, I keep saying it's all for when we retire & go caravanning & I won't be able to afford to buy as much.That's my excuse & I'm sticking to it. At least you've made a start on your UFOs I seem to still be collecting.

  6. Hello Kerrie,
    Not a lost cause at all, like you said it doesn't go off. Good luck with your projects. I hope you look back on this post a year from now to see how many you have finished.

    Happy days.

  7. We all have "things" sitting looking at us... just take one at a time and work on it when the desire takes you. They will all get completed in time so the important thing to remember is to EnJoY the process. Keep us posted! :)

  8. Oh darn we could have caught Karah back yet?......making noise and cheering you up...............


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