Friday, 16 May 2014

Birthday Give Away Winners - Part 1

It is time to announce the winners of my 2nd Blogging Birthday Give Away - Part 1. Although there were 17 comments 3 of those were double ups (bloggers commented twice), so I have taken the number back to 14. The list is pictured below.

 *Ondrea  *Sandra  *Peg and *Simone
I have emailed each of the winners.
GIVE AWAY PART 2 was supposed to start today but I will be postponing it for approx. 1 week as our daughter Naomi has been admitted to hospital today in preparation for airlifting to Sydney tomorrow - she is being transferred for more tests to be done ready for her case review with a specialist team on Monday - hopefully they will be able to do something positive for her!! I will be driving down to Sydney with my husband and grand daughter tomorrow afternoon to be with her - the second part of my give away will be after we are sorted with her treatment in Sydney (it could be a double celebration give away!!!).



  1. Thinking of you all. Lots of hugs for Naomi..

  2. Thank you, I have emailed you. Sending much love

  3. Thoughs are with you all ....congrats to all the winners....woo hoo and I am thrilled thank you xxxx

  4. wow congrats to your lovely winners,well done ladies.
    I wish all the best for your daughter kerrie,sending big hugs.xx

  5. Hello Kerrie,

    Congrats to the winners.

    All the best to your family.

    Happy days.

  6. Congrats to all you lucky winners!!! Enjoy your goodies!

    Sending lots of love and best wishes with you all as you travel to Sydney!

  7. Very happy to have a win. Thoughts are with you all xx

  8. Wooohooo! Thank you so much Kerrie. Angel blessings to you and your family.

  9. Congrats to all the winners. All the best for your girl in Sydney.

  10. Sending out my nonstop prayers for your family!


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