Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Update and a Question

Just a quick update on Naomi - her biopsy test results are back and they are clear. She is back in hospital with haematoma  that has developed around the drain site. She will be there for a couple of weeks until that has dissolved. Her medical team are looking into transferring her to Brisbane or Sydney for the removal of the mass within the liver - because of the state of her liver it is a touchy operation and if they damage any of the good [part of the liver it could result in her going on the liver transplant list. Other than that she is in good hands being monitored in hospital and getting plenty of bed rest, and quite content to stay there until further decisions about her surgery are made.
We have lots of phone calls with her each day (thank goodness for mobiles) and I am planning to go back up next week.
And I would like to say thank you to everyone who has commented with wonderful messages of support for Naomi and our family - it is truly appreciated by us all - and I do believe all of the prayers have helped her so far. Also thank you to all of you who have emailed me with messages of support and enquiring after how she is going - all of my followers are such wonderful, caring and amazing people it really is one of life's pleasures to call you all 'my bloggy friends'!!!
Now for the question: FOLLOW button??? Can anyone tell me how to get it onto a blog. I helped a friend set up a blog today and went to layout and gadgets, but couldn't find it. There is a google+ follow button but not the simple Follow button that most of us have!!

To finish off I am sharing a very special photo. My youngest grandson, Oliver who is 7.5 months old meeting his oldest great, great Auntie Heather who is 90 (my mother's sister).

There probably aren't too many of my generation who would have a photo with our great great aunts!!!


  1. What a fantastic photo! Good to hear that Naomi's biopsy is clear but sorry to hear that she has developed a haemotoma. May all her angels surround her and protect her during her upcomming operation . It must be so stressful for you as her mum and I send you many many angel hugs and blessings. Sorry, I can't assist you with your blog question. I can't remember how I did it. It may have occurred automatically. At the moment I am trying to figure out how to upload pics onto my blog via this tablet. Take care.

  2. Pleased to read Naomi's biopsy was clear but it seems she still has a long way to go. Yes she is in the best place for good all round attention. It is great you are in constant contact with the phone.
    sorry cant help with your follower question..
    Fabulous photo of Great great aunt Heather and Oliver...

  3. So pleased to hear the good news about Naomi. And YES very lucky to have a pic with a great great aunt... :)

  4. Good to hear that her biopsy is clear! I hope that her haematoma resolves quickly and that the operation goes well.
    Oliver is such a cutie, that is a lovely photo.

  5. Your daughter is such an example of strength...what an amazing woman! I am sending all of my prayers your way...that she may get everything she needs to be well! You take care and God bless! Nicole xo

  6. Good news about Naomi, prayers and fingers crossed all continues to go well. I can't help with the blog ? either sorry. You can go into Blogger help and ask your question.

  7. What a relief that the results are clear. It sounds like she is a real fighter. We wish her all the best with the next stages of her treatment. The photo is one to treasure, and I'm sorry I'm no help with the bloggy question.


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