Tuesday, 11 February 2014


To my *new* followers a big welcome - the GROW YOUR BLOG PARTY has been a great event and I have met some wonderful people from all parts of the wold and now follow some really fabulous and diverse blogs. If you would like to read my GYBP post and take part in my giveaway you can go HERE remember the giveaway is being drawn on the 15th Feb 2014 - so only a few days to go to enter!!
Our country as diverse as it is in landscape is also divers in natural events. Currently many areas are in the grips of drought, Victoria is experiencing terrible bush fires again and way up in the northern and north western Australia they are experiencing floods........ so much hardship for so many of our countryman. My thoughts go out to all affected in these areas experiencing such devastation. And also to those who are doing the Big Freeze in the Northern Hemisphere. I have always known how fortunate we are to live in the area that we do but seeing what people are dealing with and surviving through in other parts of our country and indeed the world just increases my appreciation for what I have!!
The highlight of my week has been collecting our mail from our PO box. Once again I have been soooo spoilt by two beautiful talented ladies in swaps I have participated in for Valentines day!!
This is what the very delightful Erin from has made for me. Two sweet mug rugs and matching serviettes - just what I need to pack in our picnic box for our trips away!! Thank you so much Erin!!

Erin is new to sewing and blogging - she is  really just starting out and is very busy making clothes for herself and her children and I am sure she would love to meet some more like minded bloggers and would love for you to visit her blog! This swap was organised by the ANORINA whose blog 'Samelia's Mum' is a must to visit! and a big thank you to Anorina for organising this swap.
The next parcel to arrive was from the talented Ondrea whose blog can be found HERE. Ondrea stalked my blog and really did a good job of it!!!lol The mat is her own design and I just adore it - so simple and sweet! And after stalking Ondrea's blog I was very taken with her lovely dishcloth / washers and had decided I had to find a pattern and make some. Well, Ondrea has made one for me, along with a sweet purple heart and a beautiful lavender soap (I guess my header photo is a dead giveaway for one of my favourite plants and colours!!lol). Thank you so much Ondrea!!
Thank you to Swap Mumma Extraordinaire CHERYLL - click on her name to go to her 'Gone Stitchin' blog. 

And this is what a cat's life is all about!! After being fed he thought he would annoy me for a few minutes by walking over my keyboard, playing with the pens and anything else that might move, trying to get his taste of my cup of coffee. he gave up after a little while of being put on the floor, being smacked on the nose or being ignored and decided to sleep as close to me as he could - right beside my laptop on top of my unread newspaper!!!


  1. Such horrible weather conditions - hoping for a little relief from the drought, for sure! What fun your swap - and that pretty kitten looks mighty comfortable there on those papers. Happy Monday - Tanya

  2. I am so pleased that you like your swap pressies from me and thank you for the lovely commentry. Erin'S gifts are really lovely too. I have enjoyed the swap immensly and look forward to receiving mine from my mystery maker. Looove your sweet kitty.

  3. Lovely gifts in you're swap,enjoy.

  4. Lovely swap gifts there. What a harsh horrible land we live in with the disasters we experience. Hope things change soon.

  5. Oooh NICE gifts Kerrie... from both girls! :)

  6. Such nice gifts both ways! xx debbie

  7. Lovely gifts and your kitty photo is very cute!

  8. I'm so happy you like them. Your gifts made by Ondrea are beautiful. But best of all are the gorgeous gifts you made for me. Thank you so much!!


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