Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rain is What We Need!

My little offsider and I have had a tiring couple of days - but not through hard work I can tell you.
Lachlan has come down with bronchitis and an ear infection - just what we needed when mum and dad are 2363km away!!! I have 3 nights of broken sleep - very bad croup, high temps and lots of yelling out in the little bit of sleep he did have!!
Finally able to get in and see a doctor today and we have all the dope to clear him up!!
here he is tonight trying to eat a little bit of tea - not the happiest little man.
His favourite Uncle Isaac getting bogged (in loose dirt) this afternoon pepped him up for about an hour! He was needed to drive the forklift while Isaac pulled it out backwards!!

As you can see 'We Need Rain'!!!! It is very dry here and it is making us think we are in for a dry summer... and also a hot summer with the spring temps being around 28deg Celsius so early in the season!!!
And on the way home it was Lachy's turn to get bogged!

And the favourite uncle pulled him out of his own bog!!

This sewing room is a slow and steady job. I now have two walls and the ceiling painted.
Just another wall to paint white, another one to build, cupboards to paint white, sewing table to paint white, hang a fluorescent from the ceiling and one above the sewing table, and..... paint the floor!!
Maybe another 6 months and I will be able to use it!!!
Well, this tired little duck is heading off to bed to what hopefully I a night of better sleep!!


  1. Well I hope you get a better nights sleep Kerrie and the young man gets better very quickly.x

  2. Hope little Lachy is feeling much much better now and you are both getting some good sleep.
    What a great kid to help get his Uncle out of the blog when he wasn't feeling well.

  3. Awww...I hope the little fella gets well soon. Not fun being sick. Fingers crossed for some rain. I will do a rain dance for you to try and help out.
    Cheers, Anita.


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