Tuesday, 2 July 2013

WooHoo ... catching up in the garden....

5 Sundays of 2 of us working in the vegie garden and we have finally beaten the weeds and rubbish!!!
Remember the fallen tree branch, well that coupled with the marshamallow plant weeds that were waist high are 'gonski'!!!!
And how good does the vegie garden look now that it is all cleared. Now my side kick (Little Nathan, 14) will be spending an hour in there each week instead of 4. Mulching and manuring to finish in preparation for our spring sowings!! We will now start on the garden beds around the yard of both houses - who knows what surprises we will find in them!!
Some of our 'finds' through the weeding last Sunday!
On a wander around the garden I found 3 rose bushes just covered in blooms - and all pink
 ones but each different

checked the succulents and cactii that we uncovered earlier in June and they are all going well

Such hardy plants - and interesting all the different shapes and colours

We will soon be able to start taking cuttings and potting up again - some for bigger pots to place around the yard and some to go in the garden beds.

Enough for today - found some other pretties that I will post about another day!!



  1. The end result of all your hard work is looking fantastic. The roses are beautiful.

  2. Gardens looking good,but those roses are just beautiful.xx

  3. The roses are gorgeous and the veggie garden is looking good. Well worth all that hard work :-)))))


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