Friday, 22 February 2013


Very little achieved at all this week - that is just how it is sometimes!
A few weeks back I was going into the vegie garden to cut down this broken branch with my new birthday present - small chainsaw - given to me because i wanted it so i can clean up such messes as the broken branch. The branch is still there!!! maybe over the weekend.....

Thought I would check the pumpkins while I was wandering around this morning - so many people have been saying they haven't many fruit on their vines - well guess what, nor do we - now we will have to find a generous farmer and get a bib of pumpkins to see us through until next year!! Lovely big leaves but no fruit as seen in the photo - they were also very slow to start growing this season.

My 'new' to me wheelbarrow bought at the auction last week for $5 - i was going to do so much with it this week but the heat and the FLAT TYRE got in the way!!

The bathtub I also bought at the auction last week for $15 - was going to have that placed and filled (with the said wheelbarrow) ready to be planted with herbs (very close to my back door). Here it is just as the MOTH's unloaded a week ago.

BUT.... I am not the only one who got nowhere fast in this little block of dreams here.... found the moth's gumbies sitting so nicely on a half bale of hay this morning - don't know how long they have been there or how long they will be there!!

And this is my youngest son's dream vehicle which is now going to be for his sister (I NOT happy -n I so wanted this for myself) - a VW ute being done up - long term project this one and it hasn't gone anywhere for quite a while!! i could so see myself zipping around in this little beauty with my gardening purchases on the bag, my craft things on the back or my reno things on the back - lovely bright green or yellow (not the purple my daughter wants it); and all the young fellows in town (the hot little just out of nappy boys with big dreams) green with envy as i zip by!!! Ah well, i will just have to keep dreaming like those little fellows.

I have been crafting - only one thing finished though - this coaster which will go together with 3 others done by members of our CWA branch for a Group Competition. i think i get this back after the judging - one coaster???? i am the only one who drinks tea and coffee here so it will get used eventually!

Weekend Plans - gardening, finish the window to wall renovating (hopefully), and artfully, deviously skirting around anything else!!!lol
Have a great weekend!!

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