Saturday, 22 September 2012


After heading of 3 hours late we finally arrived at our eldest sons - on the Wee Jasper Road from Yass. As we had to be there by school bus time we didn't stop on the way up but I am definitely stopping on the way into Canberra this morning to take heaps of photos. The scenery up here is spectacular and the natures landscape is breathtaking!! I did take a few photos when we arrived so here they are...

The old cottage - the homestead currently being used is probably 80 plus years old. So the age of this cottage is any ones guess. I haven't been inside yet but there are apparently layers of newspaper lining the walls dating back to the WWW1 and before..

and this is the back of the old cottage.Ii think this vine is dead but time will tell as it is still early spring.
And this is the entry to the property. My son hates this tree and wants to cut it out. I told him he had no regard for history, he told me I was a 'greenie'. All of the trees on the property have been neglected for so long and it would be expensive to save them. But the fruit trees in the orchard are probably varieties that are not available to buy anymore; and I find it sad that no one has taken the time or interest to look after and preserve them. It is what happens though when a property is under the care of a line of workers. Fortunately the house has been maintained.

The garden is full of little bulbs that have naturalised and pop up everywhere - ixias, bluebells, hyacinths etc.

And to finish off ... some wild ducks playing on the damn banks - unfortunately I was just bit too far away to get a closer shot of them.
That's it for today. Now to pack the car again and head into Canberra (I hate large towns let alone cities but if I have to go to a city Canberra is probably the better one to go to!!). We have a family wedding this afternoon. After a stop/start drive to get some more photos!

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